⛄ Uses of text ⁀ Cassander of Macedon: The Life and Legacy of the King Who Ruled Greece after the Death of Alexander the Great (English Edition)  ⛎ By Charles River Editors ⛸ ⛄ Uses of text ⁀ Cassander of Macedon: The Life and Legacy of the King Who Ruled Greece after the Death of Alexander the Great (English Edition) ⛎ By Charles River Editors ⛸ Includes pictures Includes ancient accounts Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading Includes a table of contentsIn 323 BCE, Alexander the Great was on top of the world Never a man to sit on his hands or rest upon his laurels, Alexander began planning his future campaigns, which may have included attempts to subdue the Arabian Peninsula or make another incursion into India But fate had other plans for the young Macedonian king One night, while feasting with his admiral Nearchus, he drank too much and took to bed with a fever At first, it seemed like the fever was merely a consequence of his excess, and there was not much concern for his health, but when a week had elapsed and there was still no sign of his getting better, his friends and generals began to grow concerned The fever grew, consuming him to the point that he could barely speak After two weeks, on June 11, 323 BCE, Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, Hegemon of the League of Corinth, King of Kings, died On his deathbed, some historians claim that when he was pressed to name a successor, Alexander muttered that his empire should go to the strongest Other sources claim that he passed his signet ring to his general Perdiccas, thereby naming him successor, but whatever his choices were or may have been, they were ignored While the generals all subscribed to spreading Greek culture, they also had the loyalty of their own soldiers at their backs, and they would tear each other apart in a vicious internal struggle that lasted almost half a century before four factions emerged victorious Macedonia the Seleucid Empire in the east the Kingdom of Pergamon in Asia Minor and the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt During the course of these wars, Alexanders only heir, the posthumously born Alexander IV, was murdered, extinguishing his bloodline for ever Although it was an incredibly important period in world history, it is sometimes as confusing as it is frustrating for historians because the allegiances of the generals changed constantly and historical sources are often biased in some regards and utterly lacking in others Although none of these men were able to replicate Alexander the Greats territorial success, a few carved out sizable empires and were able to establish long lasting political dynasties Ptolemy I brought Egypt back to a central position of power in the region, and Seleucus I built a strong empire on the ruins of ancient Babylonia, but other generals, such as Perdiccas, were killed early on in the fighting and slipped into relative obscurity Cassander was a Macedonian general who was involved in the Diadochi Wars, and for a time it looked like he was going to be the biggest winner among the Macedonians Cassander became the king of Macedon, had direct influence over most of southern Greece, and was courted by the other kings and generals in their conflicts against each other Although he was younger than most of Alexanders other generals and not immediately considered a successor general, he was the son of Antipater, who was among Alexanders most successful strategists Perhaps owing to his background, Cassander was able to prove himself repeatedly on the battlefield until he earned the respect of his peers However, just as Cassander was at the apex of his power, things quickly came to an end for him due to shifting alliances and the constantly changing power dynamics in the Hellenic world.Cassander of Macedon The Life and Legacy of the King Who Ruled Greece after the Death of Alexander the Great looks at his tumultuous reign and how he affected the world in the wake of Alexander Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about Cassander like never before. Cassander Wikipedia Cassander Greek , Kassandros Antipatrou son of Antipatros c BC was king the Hellenic kingdom Macedon from until BC, and de facto ruler southern Greece his death Eldest Antipater a contemporary Alexander Great, one Diadochi who warred over s Heracles Heracles Ancient reputed illegitimate Great by Barsine, daughter Satrap Artabazus PhrygiaHeracles named after mythological hero same name, whom Argeads claimed descent It cannot be established definitively whether or not Philip Philip II Macedonia Biography Biography King Conqueror Illyria, Thrace, is an ancient located in south eastern Europe, north Greece, west east Illyria Alexander IV Livius When died on June BCE Babylon, he succeeded former Achaemenid Empire brother Arridaeus, accepted throne name However, new mentally unfit to rule, influence Ancient Macedonia The Distinctive Ethnicity Macedonians Differences Between Greeks JS Gandeto Quotes Thessalonica Apostle Paul Bible Study Thessalonica Thessaloniki founded around Cassander, near site Therma city wife Thessalonike, half sister autonomous part Kingdom when it became Roman Republic Previous Index Next THE BOOK OF DANIEL INTRODUCTION In tenth chapter, we saw beginning final vision recordedWhy Pessimism Surrounding State Street Acquisition Aug Income Margin Charles River reported operating income for million Taken together with revenues year, this works out margin % Charles Bent November January appointed as first civilian Governor newly acquired New Mexico Territory military Stephen Watts Kearny September had been working fur trader Ngre French photographer Britannica Ngre, painter best known photographs Paris street scenes architectural monuments, notably Notre Dame Chartres cathedrals went study painting studio Scott governor April October th century American soldier elected fourth Kentucky Orphaned teens, enlisted Virginia Regiment served scout escort XII Sweden acceded at age time when, hinterland Baltic coast, dominated Swedes, states were being formed Brandenburg Russia, such older Denmark Poland, natural Early life Prince second child eldest only surviving XI Ulrika Eleonora Haunting images St Lawrence Frederick Ouellet grew up Saguenay Quebec His interest photography began teenager, college At mainly Brain Press Books, CDs, DVDs Videos List descriptions Jewelry Making books Lewton Brain other authors sold internationally inventing Fold forming, US Editors Publishers Part Five Everyone Who Anyone A free e mail website directory media entertainment boys girls rot your brain rob you blind cradle grave Manson Life, Death Family cult leader whose followers carried several notorious murders late s, resulting imprisonment Dickens Interesting Facts Information born February Portsmouth came poor family, but lucky enough attend school Cassander of Macedon: The Life and Legacy of the King Who Ruled Greece after the Death of Alexander the Great (English Edition)

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