ඒ Free Hardcover Download @Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City, its Chaotic Founding... its Purloined  Basketball Team, and the Dream of Becoming a World-class Metropolis ᖘ Book By Sam Anderson ឦ ඒ Free Hardcover Download @Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City, its Chaotic Founding... its Purloined Basketball Team, and the Dream of Becoming a World-class Metropolis ᖘ Book By Sam Anderson ឦ An Best Book of August 2018 If Oklahoma City didnt strike me as a place that would make a particularly interesting subject of a 400 page biography, I probably wouldnt be alone Apologies to every Oklahoman Wed all be wrong Sam Andersons Boom Town is the story of the citys quest to become a world class metropolis, a biorhythmic cycle of booms and busts from its Wild West Land Run origins to its apocalyptic weather and the tragedy of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building The engine of the story is the Thunder, the National Basketball Association franchise lifted from Seattle by a cadre of oilmen with the help of henchman David Stern, then the leagues overweening commissioner But you don t have to be a basketball junkie to love this book honestly though, it helps its eccentric and often iconoclastic cast of charactersincluding Wayne Coyne the tirelessly weird frontman of the Flaming Lips , Holy Chief Meteorologist and Severe Weather Savior Gary England, and a host of civic movers and shakers of varying integritykeeps Anderson s unconventional biography fast paced, fun, and unpredictablemuch like the team the Thunder became in the years after the move Hopefully it will be just as popular Jon Foro, Book ReviewIn writing both idiosyncratic and unerring, this culture critic formerly of New York proves that any subject, in the right hands, can mesmerize and delight Befitting the title, OKC is always on the verge of triumph oil booms, redevelopment and disaster oil busts, tornadoes , a young locale archetypal of the American mythos than the 26 bigger cities in the country VULTURE, 8 New Books You Should Read This AugustThe decorated journalist Sam Anderson, a staff writer at The New York Times Magazine, has set out to fill a yawning gap in the American popular imagination our tendency to ignore the nations 27th largest metropolis, Oklahoma City Andersons rollicking narrative is woven from two threads the vicissitudes of the citys NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the citys boom and bust history Anderson runs wild with this material THE MILLIONSMaybe you didnt know that Oklahoma City was the key to everything But it is Boom Town is a bone shaking thrill ride through civic history NICHOLSON BAKER A wild ride of a book that goes from fascinating to hilarious to hair raising to powerfully moving, sometimes in the space of just a few pages With clear eyed affection and consummate skill, Anderson shows us an amazing American place wherein we recognize ourselves.IAN FRAZIERNo one no onewrites like Sam Anderson so vividly, so stylishly, so smartly, so weirdly, so funnily By the time Id finished this doozy of a book, he had me asking Oklahoma City, where have you been all my life ANNE FADIMANIn Boom Town, Sam Anderson shrewdly anatomizes the deep strangeness of Oklahoma Cityits messy history of hope, self subversion, and occasional wretched luckand of its citizens grandiose belief in their capacity for renewal and greatness.The result, a yarn that deftly navigates between then and now, brims with wit, bright color, relentless reporting, and, most admirably, empathy.MARK SINGERSam Anderson is a visionary artist who sees what others cant hes a master wordsmith who creates beauty and light from confusion and plunging darkness he s our tour guide to a better tomorrow because he understands a complex and foundational history that is our launching pad to new and unexplored universes.BILL WALTONThis book offers Andersons take on the histories of both the Oklahoma City Thunder and its boom or bust hometown , rendered through research, copious interviews, and a sharp eye for the quirky Written with style and amazingly good humor, considering the hopes blooming and dashed nature of both city and team, this should please a wide range of readers, from basketball fans to historians to city planners LIBRARY JOURNAL starred An irreverent look at one of the nation s quirkier cities Boom Town is a rollicking and entertaining history of a city that, for all its booms and busts, is never boring KIRKUS REVIEWS Andersons first book, Boom Town, is a hilarious history and drive through study of this Midwestern city born of bedlam and ambition Anderson digs relentlessly into the state capitals boom and bust history Illustrated with archival photos, his story jumps between top flight sportswriting and lighthearted and diverse chapters on the idiosyncrasies of OKC SHELF AWARENESS Boom Town The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City, its Boom Chaotic Founding Purloined Basketball Team, and the Dream Becoming a 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