ዷ Beginning reader ಪ Barons of the Sea: And their Race to Build the World's Fastest Clipper Ship (English Edition) kindergarten ጠ Book Author Steven Ujifusa ። ዷ Beginning reader ಪ Barons of the Sea: And their Race to Build the World's Fastest Clipper Ship (English Edition) kindergarten ጠ Book Author Steven Ujifusa ። Barons of the Sea PROLOGUE THE PATRIARCH He cared little for outsiders, but would do anything for his own family SARA SALLIE DELANO1 Warren Delano II loved sitting at his big desk at Algonac, his Hudson River estate Around him were treasures of Chinese art temple bells, porcelains, silk wall hangings This day, through the wavy glass panes of the library windows, he could see a fall breeze rustle the red and gold leaves on the trees, and the sun glitter on the river The air was crisp, and a coal fire glowed in the hearth Penning letters to family and friends, with advice on business and stern judgments about character, he was at home, in charge, and seemingly at ease, managing a business empire that spanned the globe Fifty years old in the fall of 1859, Delano was a tough man to the core well over six feet tall, with chiseled features, a hooked nose, a leonine beard, and bristling sideburns Suspicious of strangers, he loved his family without reservation All coldness melted away when his six children tumbled around the library, as they often did while he worked If two of them got into a fight over a toy, he would look up from his desk, smile, utter firmly, Whats that Tut, tut and the squabble would stop It was not fear of the patriarch but fear of disappointing him that kept his children well behaved He never spanked them Nor did he share his worries on days when letters brought ill news In the words of one daughter, he had a remarkable knack for hiding all traces of sadness or trouble or news of anything alarming.2 To be a true Delano, one had to keep a pleasant disposition, no matter what life threw at you The Delano clan had been risking their lives on the high seas ever since the Flemish Protestant adventurer Philippe Delannoy first made the Atlantic crossing to the Plymouth Bay Colony in 1621 Building the familys maritime fortunes required spending much of life apart from those they loved, and demanded a delicate balance of poise on land and toughness at sea It was a fact of life in seagoing New England the longer the absence and the larger the risks, the greater the financial rewards The old whale hunting cry A dead whale or a stove boat could well have been the familys motto.I For two centuries, the clan had sacrificed much to attain modest prosperity But Warren Delanos opulent fortune had sprung from his mastery of another kind of maritime gamble trading in tea and opium He had made two visits to China as a young man, first as a bachelor, and then with his wife, Catherine, whom he had married only a few weeks before they set sail They had lost their first born child in that country, a tragedy that had driven his young bride to near suicidal despair Another child would come home chronically ill Yet Warren was expert at keeping his private emotional life divorced from the grand vision by which he and his contemporaries had transformed the world Their hard work had made a young republic into one of the worlds great commercial sea powers, with a fleet of fast ships that challenged Great Britains maritime supremacy The success of Yankee clippers, which Delano helped mastermind, shook Old Britannias complacency, cracking ancient, restrictive trade laws that had kept foreign built vessels out of British ports We must run a race with our gigantic and unshackled rival, snarled the London Times upon the first visit to London of a Yankee clipper, in 1850 We must set our long practiced skill, our steady industry, and our dogged determination against his youth, industry, and ardor.3 The American clipper in question, Oriental, had cut the trip from China to London nearly in half, from six months to a mere 97 days, and her cargo of tea sold for a whopping 48,000 This was at a time when an average American worker made between 10 and 12 a month.4 Delanos great wealth from trade had allowed him to remove his family to Algonac, a sixty acre estate north of New York City The mammoth scale of the house was in no small part inspired by a great rambling palace Delano had seen on the banks of Chinas Pearl River many years before, while it also reflected the latest in nineteenth century American architectural fashion The architect, Andrew Jackson Downing, was a proponent of the picturesque a whimsical Gothic window here, a wood and glass cupola there Downing seems to have understood his seagoing but home loving client As a self taught tastemaker, Downing skillfully used his pen to appeal to the longings of his prosperous but increasingly harried bourgeois clientele The mere sentiment of home, Downing mused in The Architecture of Country Houses, has, like a strong anchor, saved many a man from shipwreck in the storms of life.5 For Delano, Algonac did exactly that The tan stucco house, designed in the Tuscan villa style and adorned with towers, gables, and wide porches, was his fortressa refuge from all of the uncertainties that had dogged his early life Screened in by stone walls and tall trees, Warren was the realms benevolent yet exacting ruler Here, all of the worlds problems were kept at bay, and all of lifes questions answered He played games with his children and tended his fruit trees He and Catherine wrote what they called their Algonac Diaries, lovingly describing their childrens explosions of fire crackers, and one particularly splendid bonfire in the henyard.6 The crash of a gong summoned the family to their evening meal, in an east facing dining room with a spectacular view of the Hudson River Yet Warren didnt tell stories to his children about his time in China as a young manthe violence he had lived through, or his loneliness there before Catherine, or facing down the hard edges of life on the other side of the world He was determined that his children not go through what hed experienced For all his present comfort, he knew what it had taken to make his money, in a foreign country, skirting the fringes of the law At Algonac, there was a silent witness to the source of his wealth, in spirit if not in life a Chinese patriarch was enshrined in an oil painting that hung in the paneled library He had a thin, pinched face and melancholy eyes, and he was dressed splendidly in flowing silk robes, necklaces of bright jade A close fitting cap, topped with the red coral button that denoted his high mandarin social status in the Chinese governmental hierarchy, sat next to him on the table This was Houqua, the great Chinese merchant whose favor had helped make Warren Delano one of Americas richest men By 1859, the man in the painting had been dead for than ten years But through the first half of the nineteenth century, he had been one of the wealthiest men in the world, and a financial father to Delano and other young American merchants of that time The painting at Algonac was a gift from Houqua himself Every partner at Delanos firm, Russell Companythe largest and most profitable American enterprise in Chinabrought home a portrait of Houqua His visage adorned counting rooms in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia So revered was the great merchant that one of Delanos partners named his tea carrying ship, arguably the first of the sleek Yankee clippers, in Houquas honor In the years since his time under Houquas patronage, Warren Delano had invested the fortune he had made from his Chinese business into clipper ships, and then into copper and coal mines, Manhattan real estate, and railroads Delano himself had achieved tremendous stature, not only for his wealth but also for his character One contemporary wrote, He was a man of quick perceptions, accurate judgment, indomitable will, and possessed in a remarkable degree the rich endowment of common sense the result of clear thinking and strict adherence to the facts.7 Yet by that fall day in 1859, the business letters Delano was writing from the library at Algonac were getting increasingly frantic A financial panic two years earlier, triggered by speculation in railroads, had caused his investments to suffer His clipper ships were particularly hard hit Within several months of the crash, he had gone from being a millionaire to being close to penniless Despite Delanos obsession with privacy at Algonac, there was no way to keep this financial cataclysm away from his family hearth Meanwhile, America was hurtling toward the reckoning between North and South, a conflict from which even the gates of Algonac could not shelter the Delanos Warren Delano had a big family, an expensive house, and above all, a reputation to maintain He had taken big risks throughout his life, and now, staring at bankruptcy, he was not about to sit still He saw only one way to avoid certain ruin he would return to China and the opium and tea trade His wife and six children would remain at Algonac Warren promised Catherine, several months pregnant with their seventh child, that he would be gone only two years She did her best to keep calm as he packed his bags and prepared to leave She knew firsthand the danger of ocean travel and the volatile political situation in China, a country where Westerners were not welcomed as guests but rather derided in the streets as fanqui Foreign devils When Warren Delano boarded ship in the Port of New York, the sounds and smells around him would not have differed greatly from the scenes of his first voyage than a quarter century before the tang of salt water, the shouts of the sailors, the thunder of the canvas as it dropped from the yards and captured the wind, and the gentle motion of the deck as the vessel glided through the Upper Bay and then out into the gray expanse of the North Atlantic In his ears would be the sonorous calls of the chanteymen, singing work songs to keep time as they hauled in the lines and spun the capstansold sailing songs, tuned to the new clipper era Down by the river hauled a Yankee clipper, And its blow, my bully boys, blow Shes a Yankee mate and a Yankee skipper, And its blow, my bully boys, blow The name of the ship that took him on this voyage is lost to history, but it was almost certainly one of those rakish, swift vessels that he helped pioneer majestic clippers, flying before the wind like great birds of prey, their vast spreads of canvas stretched taut, their deep, sharp bows piercing wave after wave On such a vessel, the trip would take fewer than three months When Warren had first gone to China in 1833, six months was considered an acceptable run In this respect alone, time spent aboard ship had changed Still, life on a long sea voyage would have quickly worn thin dinners with the captain letter writing endlessly rereading the same books and outdated periodicals such as Harpers Weekly listening to other passengers tell stories, play the piano, or sing Delano had played the guitar as a young man Perhaps now he sang a few songs with his fellow passengers to pass the time.8 But this private man likely despised being forced into the shipboard company of people he didnt know At night, his huge frame jammed into a narrow berth built for a much smaller man, he may have stared out his port light and yearned for Algonac and his family An ocean away, his five year old daughter, Sara, found the separation from her beloved Papa hard to bear She later remembered her father vanishing without explanation As many Yankee children lamented, Dear papa done Tanton gone Canton.9 When Warrens letters began to arrive, young Sara steamed off the stamps and pasted them in her collection.10 The letters meant that Warren Delano had arrived safely Renting a large house called Rose Hill and settling into his Russell Company duties, Delano was going back to the work he knew He missed his family, but he was making moneyas he had done thirty years ago I.Stove as in broken, holed, or smashed by an angry whale.Full of remarkable characters and incredible stories, Steven Ujifusas Barons of the Seais a fascinating, fast paced history of Americas clipper ship era.Highly recommended Nathaniel Philbrick, National Book Award winning author of In the Heart of the SeaFast paced and entrancing recounting freak storms, improbable romances, and mutinies on the high seas Ujifusa tells these stories with the verve of a natural dramatist Masterfully done The Christian Science Monitor Barons of the Sea is a riveting, raucous book If you love the sea, its all here dreams, money, ambition, and competition Jay Winik, bestselling author of April 1865 Barons of the Sea moves as fast as a clipper ship at full sail With a seemingly effortless command of the shared history of China and the United States in the nineteenth century, Ujifusa takes the reader on a rare and intoxicating journey back in time Candice Millard, bestselling author of Hero of the EmpireAmong the pleasures of Barons of the Seais the authors extensive knowledge of ship design and nautical history the book is almost a beginners manual in sailing and is infused by a clear love for the regal triple mastersof the past The ships themselves, rather than the owners and captains, become the main characters The Wall Street JournalAs learned as it is entertaining Ujifusa has brought the golden age of American maritime commerce to vivid life Extraordinary people and the wondrous clipper ships they built fill its pages with both great stories and deep insight into what makes humans of any age tick John Steele Gordon, author of An Empire of Wealth Barons of the Sea has the narrative ease of a novel Occasionally funny and always richly detailed, this book paints a comprehensive portrait of an American era all but forgotten in the days of next day delivery Sail MagazineThis crisply told story of the race to build the fastest ship in the world reads like a thriller, reminiscent of the best of Nathanial Philbricks sea writing.It carries the reader along like a precious cargo on the high seas I simply could not put it down Admiral James Stavridis, Chairman of the US Naval Institute and former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO Barons of the Sea captures both the majesty of clipper ships and the heart of the bold men who wanted to see them go faster and carry This story of ambition, innovation, and technology in the age of swift sailing merchant ships will keep you enthralled Dean King, bestselling author of Skeletons on the ZaharaBrilliantly chronicled A vivid account of larger than life if not always attractive characters and a technological marvel that briefly captivated the Victorian world Kirkus Reviews starred review Birmingham Barons MiLB Announce New Partnership with Cumulus WJOX Coaching Staff Van Voorhees Named Groundskeeper of the Year Cease Pipeline Pitcher Barons Winery Walla Walla, 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articles architecture urban history PlanPhilly PhillyHistory Official Publisher Page Simon Schuster received his AB Harvard University master degree historic preservation Home Facebook Working windlass Schooner Shenandoah Before advent steam winches, this how crews raised anchor mid th century clipper ships Sea Wall Journal named first book, Ship, one nonfiction titles And their Race Barnes Noble Hardcover Build Fastest Noble FREE Shipping Membership Gift Cards Stores Events Help shipping qualifying fascinating, fast paced remarkable characters incredible stories about nineteenth American dynasties who battled dominance tea opium trades Nathaniel Philbrick books Monitor picks CSMonitor From India elite French gastronomy Shanghai, here that most impressed book critics Lapham Roundtable Killing Hypatia By Soraya Field Fiorio fight over things visible invisible, featuring practical magic, empire, terrible men Howard Berman Wikipedia Howard Lawrence born April attorney former US Representative, last serving California congressional district, Congress numbered as District Bestsellers Los Angeles Times single volume United States idea truth center Yorker Magazine writer Jill Lepore SS SS retired passenger liner Lines million ship largest ocean constructed entirely fastest cross Atlantic either direction, retaining Blue Riband highest average speed since her maiden voyage Middletown Thrall Library Depot Middletown website provides easy instant access local global information other services particular interest researchers booklovers Barons of the Sea: And their Race to Build the World's Fastest Clipper Ship (English Edition)

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