き Pdf ☐ The Elements of Style: 60 Minutes to Better Writing & Grammar online ⎞ E-Pub Author Professor William Strunk Jr. ␜ き Pdf ☐ The Elements of Style: 60 Minutes to Better Writing & Grammar online ⎞ E-Pub Author Professor William Strunk Jr. ␜ What you need to know about grammar and writing as taught widely in colleges, high schools, and grammar schools wherever American English is spoken William Strunk, Professor at Cornell, wrote his famous Little Book on good grammar and writing to simplify the subject for students far and wide His famous motto was, Omit needless words This unabridged version follows this motto and can be listened to in just 60 minutes This is the original Little Book, without add ons by later writers This is a treasure to writers because it omit s needless words and subject matter Professor Strunk did not believe was core to better writing The brevity encourages relistening to deepen one s knowledge of the subject, the point made by Professor Strunk to his students the knowledge comes from rereading or in our case, relistening This unabridged version has 25 tracks 1 Preface 2 Introduction. 3 Elementary Rules of Usage 4 Form the Possessive Singular of Nouns with s 5 Three or More Terms with a Single Conjunction 6 Enclose Parenthetic Expressions Between Commas 7 Place a Comma before and or but 8 Do Not Join Independent Clauses by a Comma 9 Do Not Break Sentences in Two 10 A Participial Phrase at the Beginning of a Sentence 11 Divide Words at Line ends 12 Elementary Principles of Composition 13 Make the Paragraph the Unit of Composition 14 Begin a Paragraph with a Topic Sentence 15 Use the Active Voice 16 Put Statements in Positive Form 17 Omit Needless Words 18 Avoid a Succession of Loose Sentences 19 Express Co ordinate Ideas in a Similar Form 20 Keep Related Words Together 21 In Summaries Keep to One Tense 22 Keep the Emphatic Word of a Sentence at the End 23 A Few Matters of Form 24 Words and Expressions Commonly Misused 25 56 Words Commonly Misspelled. 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