⇻ Download Format Kindle ᠔ Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand For Free ↜ Ebook Author Andy Ricker ∍ ⇻ Download Format Kindle ᠔ Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand For Free ↜ Ebook Author Andy Ricker ∍ Foreword by David Thompson One plate of laapplease, Andy, was my plea I needed I had just finished a plate of this Northern Thai dish of chopped meat pork, in this instance mixed with spices and herbs I have eaten laap many times beforeit is a regional classic However, this rendition was irresistible The minced pork was rich and smoky, the spices bitter and tangy, the herbs enticingly aromatic The combination of all these flavors left a wonderful taste that lingered long after Id finished my last bite I simply just had to order a second plate I confess I was surprised by how good it was really, it had no right to be so delicious After all, I was sitting in Portland, Oregona far, far cry from Chiang Mai, the Northern Thai city that is this dishs home I guess I shouldnt have been astonished Andy may have opened his first Pok Pok restaurant in Portland, but the food he cooks has deep roots in Thailand It might seem strange that this six foot tall Vermonter is cooking Northern Thai food so well, until you understand Andys love for the Thais, their cuisine, and in particular the hazy mountainous province of Chiang Mai Andy makes regular visits to Thailand, where he trawls the marketswatching, asking questions, and collecting recipes He chats engagingly with local cooks, who share with him tips and techniquesbut he is also a keen observer, and gets ideas and knowledge from furtively watching other, unsuspecting cooks Either way, by whatever means, Andy gets the goods Whenever Andy comes to Thailand, I see him in Bangkok, where I live, and occasionally we travel together up country Accompanying Andy as he pursues his culinary quarry can be exhausting He moves quickly from shop to shop, market to market, or village to village with nary a regard for his fellow travelers He walks past the stalls that dont pass muster, refusing to stop, while those of us in his wake bleat plaintively, wanting to eat, looking longingly at dishes he dismisses and leaves untouched Mr Ricker demands the best and thus he commands my respect, even if I do often end up hungry, tired, and sulky Andy has turned his not being Thai into an advantage He is not limited by an inherent belief, as many Thais are, that his mothers is the best and the only way to cook His approach is much broader and encompassing he casts his culinary net wider, across all of Northern Thailand and its verdant and fertile fields Andy first backpacked through Asia and landed in Thailand in 1987, around the time I was making those same laps I am surprised I didnt run into him Although, given the similarity of our quests, our mutual love for Thailand, and our crazy partying ways, its quite possible we did Andys moment of culinary epiphany came over a mushroom Mine was over a serpent head fish, clearly demonstrating that we cant choose our moments The objects of our inspirationsome fungi and a fish, respectivelymight seem silly, but in the end, they prompted both of us to change the course of our lives, including how we eat and cook I still recall that sour orange curry of serpent head fish, tart with tamarind leaves, plump with flavor The seasoning, tastes, and textures of that curry transformed my understanding of Thai food From then on I was hooked I moved to Bangkok to learn about the citys remarkable cuisine, regal past, and sophisticated tastes, opening a few swank restaurants in the process Meanwhile, Andy was researching up country, eating his way through the north of Thailand Later he opened the first Pok Pok restaurant in Portland on a maxed out credit card, a mortgage, and with little capital In the decade since then, he has established himself as an important voice in Thai cooking and an emissary of Northern Thai food internationally I remember working with Andy in both New York City and Portland and being amazed at his rather informal approach to cooking, kitchens, and restaurants His very first restaurant was built out of his kitchen and partially demolished house, the food served through a window onto his porch and into the backyardmuch like some small countryside restaurant in Thailand You see, I come from the dainty world of fine dining, where certain thingssuch as grilling over charcoal in smoky forty four gallon drums, backyard coconut pressing, drinking beer on the job out of glass jars, fermenting mustard greens on the roof, and beer drinkingwere simply not done unfortunately But the casual appearance of Andys restaurants belies the rigorous, ambitious cooking that happens in his kitchens He is obsessed with making the very best food he can I admire the canny way he doctors his lime juice to approximate the taste of lime juice in Thailand, the resourceful way he finds and secures Thai produce, and his faithful adherence to Thai recipes, techniques, and tastes The restaurants may not look terribly fancy, but inside, Andy and his Pok Pok crew are complete perfectionists, constantly adjusting and tinkering with their recipes to ensure everything is right Andy has almost singlehandedly created a market for regional Thai cuisine in the United States Such food was practically unknown in the US before Pok Pok, but now, many of the dishes he cooks are the objects of cultlike devotion For proof of his swashbuckling success, simply observe the lines that wind down the street outside of the Pok Pok restaurants People clamor for his fooda style of cooking that they didnt know existed before 2005 One excellent example is that delectable pork laap, which was as lip smackingly good as any version I have found in Thailand While eagerly waiting for my second plate, I looked across our tablewith its now empty plates of grilled sausages, noodle salads, soups, curries, and chili dipsto the other tables of equally replete and happy diners I couldnt help but wonder, what would this damned skillful cook do next Well, youre now holding Andys latest project the Pok Pok cookbook In it, Andy chronicles Chiang Mais wide ranging culinary repertoireincluding my longed for pork laap, a sour orange curry quite similar to the one that first enthralled me so many years ago, and many other Northern dishes This book is the product of years and years of research, practice, and experience, and clearly demonstrates why Andy and Pok Pok are so successful great food honest, practical advice and guidance and a sincere desire to please without compromising the integrity of the cuisine Its a winning recipe.In this groundbreaking masterwork, Andy Ricker weaves together superb recipes, enlightening cultural narratives, meaningful personal essays, and an incomparable insight into the essence of Thai foodways But perhaps this books greatest achievement is the honest, uncompromising way it brings real Thai cookery right into American readers homes The bar has been set for ethnic cookbooks going forward Andrew Zimmern Everything I know about Thai food I learned from Andy Rickerhow to order it, how to eat it, and now, how to cook it Pok Pokis destined to be the Thai bible for every adventurous home cook Part memoir, part cooking manifesto, it beautifully and passionately shows Rickers no nonsense approach to one of the worlds most exciting cuisines When my daughters ask why they grew up eating so muchkhao soi kai,papaya salad, andlaap pet isaanat home, Ill tell them they have Andy Rickerand this bookto thank Andrew Knowlton, restaurant and drink editor, Bon Apptit More than a Thai cookbook or even a regional Thai cookbook, this is a book about people the street and market vendors, home cooks, and restaurant owners who Andy Ricker has met and studied with for over two decades in Thailand In Pok Pok, Andy shares their stories, skills, and ideasand his own passion for discovering a cuisine by going door to door Oh yeah, and he makes some insanely delicious food along the way Francis Lam, writer and judge on Top Chef Masters Youd be hard pressed to find better Thai food than what Andy Ricker is serving at Pok Pok And now, with his cookbook, we finally get to see the people, places, and experiences that were the inspiration for it all David Chang, chef owner of MomofukuThis book, as far as Im concerned, is an argument ender When Andy says make som tam lao like this, its like Jacques Ppin telling you how to make an omelette The matter is settled Previously, I would never have even attempted to prepare most of these dishes in my home I had always felt that Thai food was best left to the experts But this book has given me hope and confidence Anthony Bourdain In his introduction, Ricker makes the modest proclamation that his cooking knowledge is limited when measured against Thailands vast cuisine However, this limitation has had no visible effect on his success, given that his eatery, Pok Pok, was recently rated by Bon Apptit as the eighth most important American restaurant All one really needs to know about Ricker, and this finely detailed cookbook and travelogue, comes at the start of his recipe for fish sauce wings Sounding like a gourmand Allen Ginsberg, he writes, Ive spent the better part of the last twenty years roaming around Thailand, cooking and recooking strange soups, beseeching street vendors for stir fry tips, and trying to figure out how to reproduce obscure Thai products with American ingredients He spills out his acquired knowledge here across 13 chapters and nearly 100 recipes Lessons learned along the way include the beauty of blandness as exhibited in his flavor balanced bland soup with glass noodles, and waste not, want not, as showcased in recipes for stewed pork knuckles and grilled pork neck Rickers prose, as aided by food writer Goode, is captivating, whether he is discussing Americas obsession with sateh, or when profiling characters hes encountered in his travels, such as Mr Lit, his chicken mentor and Sunny, his go to guy in Chiang Mai Publisher s Weekly Starred Review Pok Pok Restaurants Official Site POK The Drinking Food A cookbook featuring the rich and varied drinking food of Thailand drinks it s consumed with , recipes travelogue like essays, inspired by Whiskey Soda Lounge, Andy Ricker Portland, Oregon, restaurant Food Pok located on SE Division is original serving found at pubs, restaurants, homes streets Southeast Asia majority coming from Thailand, specifically North Northeast NY Papaya Available Vegetarian Central Thai style spicy green papaya salad tomatoes, long beans, chile, lime juice, tamarind, fish sauce, garlic, palm sugar, dried shrimp peanuts, made to order in pok mortar pestle Pok, Jaqueline Portland Not Quite Nigella Exploring carts, dining famous restaurant, Ros an al fresco seafood feast Jacqueline are just some wonderful things you can do during summer Tid Bit Cart Pod Even pm, queue Network Dec Guy drops for Vietnamese chicken wings ANDY RICKER a two time James Beard Award winning chef owner Restaurant Oregon several other establishments New York, such as Wing, Noi, Michelin Starred Ny, charcoal company Thaan vinegar called Network heavy rain doesn t keep Chef Rickers cooking up his favorite dishes he brought home travels across was all smiles ate grilled boar Junior Welcome Junior, nestled modern St Mall off Bourke Street, right heart Melbourne CBD, we bring delicious hawker street that tastes Bangkok Photos Reviews does serve regional specialties emphasis Northern Northeastern cuisine, sprinkling items Vietnam, Southern China elsewhere This would likely find small streetside pubs or cafes Asia, typically be eaten beerPok Restaurants Steve Stricker Pro Golfer Website Steve official website professional golfer, With golf career spanning over years, passion game shows through countless PGA 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Keith Haring, Inception Full Cast Crew IMDb Inception cast crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand

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