ᆛ Free Read  Format Kindle @The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke ⢙ ePUB Author Andrew Lawler ⣬ ᆛ Free Read Format Kindle @The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke ⢙ ePUB Author Andrew Lawler ⣬ Chapter One Some Delicate GardenFirst there was the smell, the fragrance of burning cedar on the west wind Then there was the smoke rising from great fires because of the numerous inhabitants As the Dauphine bobbed within sight of land on an April day in 1524, Giovanni da Verrazano saw the sea along the coast was churned up by enormous waves because of the open beach In a letter to French king Francis I, he described a seashore completely covered with fine sand fifteen feet deep, which arises in the forms of small hills about fifty paces high Then came a forest clothed with palms, laurel, and cypress, and other varieties of tree unknown in our Europe They gave off a strong scent, he added, not without some kind of narcotic or aromatic liquor.After sailing from the port of Dieppe on the English Channel, Verrazano had arrived off the Outer Banks to give us our first description of a gentle Carolina spring day The sky is clear and cloudless, with infrequent rain, and if the south winds bring in clouds and murkiness, they are dispelled in an instant, and the sky is once again clear and bright the sea is calm and unruffled.Spotting people on the beach making various friendly signs, and beckoning us ashore, the Italian captain of the French ship sent a small boat, but the pounding breakers made it too dangerous to land One of the sailors jumped into the water and bodysurfed to shore carrying some trinkets, such as little bells, mirrors, and other trifles But when the locals tried to help him out of the water, he was seized with terror They carried him to a sunny spot, took off his soaked clothes, and built a huge fire, looking at the whiteness of his flesh and examining him head to foot The ships crew feared they would roast and eat him instead, the group warmed him by the fire, hugged him, and retreated politely to the top of a sand dune until the sailor made it back to the boat.Coasting north after this hopeful and auspicious encounter, the Europeans followed a narrow strip, an isthmus one mile wide and about two hundred miles long, in which we could see the eastern sea from the ship Verrazano tried without success to find a safe passage through the isthmus so we could reach those blessed shores of Cathay He looked west across the islands of the Outer Banks and saw not the Pamlico Sound, as we now know it, but a vast sea that he proclaimed to be the Pacific Ocean It was, after all, what he was looking for My intention on this voyage was to reach Cathay and the extreme eastern coast of Asia, but I did not expect to find such an obstacle of new land as I have encountered, he explained to the king who had helped fund the voyage, adding, I estimated there would be some strait to get through He surely had in mind Vasco Nez de Balboa, who, a decade earlier, had crossed Panama and found the waters that led to China.A Florentine and contemporary of Machiavellis and Raphaels, he named the isthmus Varazanio and sailed on toward the north, earning posthumous fame as the first European to record his entrance into New York Harbor But his much larger contribution to world history was in making the geographic gaffe of the century Belief in this Carolinian Panama played a central role in leading the English to the Outer Banks sixty years later You could argue that the American colonies and the United States are based on a single cartographic blunder.Verrazanos patron proved too busy fighting a losing war with Spain to authorize a follow up voyage, so the Italian turned to King Henry VIII across the Channel To entice the monarch, he either presented or sent a detailed map and globe showing his discoveries Henry at the time was interested in divorcing his first wife and marrying Anne Boleynsoon to be mother of Queen Elizabeth Ithan expending scarce crown funds chasing shortcuts to China He did, however, give the Italians gifts places of honor in his royal palace on Londons western outskirts Verrazano was killed and eaten by Caribs on the less blessed shores of Guadeloupe before he could correct his error, but his imagined isthmus lived on within Westminsters walls.As Henry plotted and Francis warred, a wealthy Spanish judge and landowner on the island of Hispaniolain todays Dominican Republicquietly launched the first attempt to colonize the east coast of North America since the Vikings In an eerie harbinger of the plantation culture to come, Lucas Vzquez de Aylln envisioned turning the Southeast into a feudal empire staffed by Native American workers and African slaves The North American east coast in that day was seen much the same as the west coast of Africa, a ready source of slaves to work the proliferating sugar plantations of the Spanish Caribbean and Portuguese Brazil Aylln sponsored a reconnaissance mission along the Carolina coast that captured than sixty Siouan speaking Indians from a land they called Chicora, which lay just south of the Outer Banks in what is now South Carolina As for the Indians, they turned out to be useless, Aylln noted with regret For almost all of them died of fretfulness and grief.One young survivor caught his eye Dubbed Don Francisco Chicorawe dont know his Siouan namehe was tall and strikingly handsome, and the Hispaniola judge took him to Spain, where he charmed the Castilian court with fantastic tales of the wealth and fertility of his native land He told of giant kings, men with long tails, and fine cheese made from deer milk.These compelling stories were enough to win Aylln a royal grant from King Charles V to settle Chicora The judge was named governor and given a monopoly on trade in the area for six years, but he had to shoulder the enormous costs of sending and maintaining a colony He pledged not to enslave the Indians but to attract them to our service that they will be protected and not molested Taking along African slaves was, however, permitted The king also encouraged the new governor to explore the area for a passage through North America to the Pacific.Two years after Verrazanos voyage, in July 1526, a flotilla of six ships carrying six hundred people, including farmers, priests, women, Africans, two doctors, and a pharmacist, sailed from Hispaniola for Chicora The exceptionally well organized expedition carried seven dozen horses, beef cattle, tons of corn, and three thousand loaves of cassava bread By contrast, the first Puritans who arrived nearly a century later on the Mayflower counted just over one hundred passengers, and no livestock, on their single small vessel Enticing people to leave their familiar homes for an unknown land proved easy The entire Spanish nation is in fact so keen about novelties that people go eagerly anywhere they are called by a nod or a whistle, wrote a court acquaintance of Ayllns, in the hope of bettering their condition, and are ready to sacrifice what they have for what they hope.After they sailed twelve hundred miles north from the Caribbean without incident, mishaps plagued the settlers arrival The flagship grounded in shoal waters, ruining the bulk of the supplies The settlement site proved swampy Upon their arrival in Chicora, Don Francisco promptly defected, his tall tales no doubt designed to ensure his kidnappers would deliver him safely home he was never seen by Europeans again The anxious colonists soon moved south to a healthier location near todays Savannah, Georgia The local Native Americans, initially happy to trade food for valuable European goods, grew tired of feeding the foreigners Illness and starvation quickly took a terrible toll on the colonists.Many persons died of hunger for lack of bread and because in their infirmity they were unable to fish, one account states Protein from the plentiful seafood, however, was not enough Without bread or corn, the settlers likely suffered from the lethargy and nausea that can come with eating insufficient carbohydrates Indians used acorns and roots when maize supplies ran low, but the Spanish seem to have lacked this knowledge As relations with the local tribe degenerated, the newcomers situation grew increasingly dire.Aylln died in October, and the desperate and leaderless Spanish split into competing factions Indians infuriated by harsh treatment attacked, and the African slaves rebelled An unknown number, African as well as European, deserted to the Native Americans This was only the start of than two centuries of settlers along eastern North America melting into the indigenous population The remaining ragged band set sail back for home Stormy seas forced the voyagers to dump Ayllns body, which they had hoped to bury in Hispaniola, over the side Less than one third of the settlers made it home.The debacle in Chicora presaged events at countless later European settlements along that coast, including Roanokegrounded ships, inadequate supplies, dependence on and desertion to the locals, and a desperate cycle of hunger and violence But the legend of a fruitful land akin to Eden woven by Don Francisco spread across Europe faster than the true tale of woe When French Protestants called Huguenots sought to escape the religious turmoil in France in the 1560s, they looked to Chicora as a welcoming and fertile refuge A first expedition sent to a South Carolina island collapsed when the governor returned to Europe for supplies in 1562, only to be captured and jailed by the English The abandoned men made a harrowing journey in an open boat back to France, resorting to cannibalism along the way.Three years later, a second wave of French settlers led by Jean Ribault built a base a hundred miles or so to the south and fared even worse Stalked by a Spanish convoy, they launched a preemptive attack, which failed The Spanish subsequently attacked their fort, sparing only the women and children and a few who claimed to be Catholic Pieces of the French leaders beard and skin were sent to Spains new king, Philip II, as proof of the massacre, news of which stunned Europe, given that the two nations were not at war The message was clear trespassers on this North American territory, claimed by Spain, faced annihilation To prevent further intrusions, the Spanish built St Augustine on the Florida coast Ribaults head was split into quarters one part was attached to each corner of the new settlement On the ruins of the first French colony, they constructed a town called Santa Elena to mark the northern frontier of Spanish control.There was actually little in eastern North America to interest the Spanish, who focused instead on controlling the wealthy urban civilizations that had already been established in the New World, such as the Aztec and Incan Empires, and expanding sugar plantations across the Caribbean The region to the north, what was called La Florida, had the wrong climate for growing sugar and held little promise of gold The indigenous people lacked cities and showed little enthusiasm for Christianity They also were capable of waging unnervingly effective guerrilla warfare against the slow moving ard Iberians in the dense woods and swamps The Spanish, recalling Ayllns failure, saw no profit in further colonization.But by the mid sixteenth century, as a result of geography, the Spanish Empires jugular vein lay just offshore In order to arrive in Europe, treasure ships carrying Chinese silks, Indonesian spices, and Bolivian silver first made port on the Pacific coast of Panama or Mexico Their precious cargoes were then carried overland and stowed on vessels bound for Havana There, along with ships carrying Mexican gold, South American hides, and the white gold of Caribbean sugar, armed galleons escorted convoys north through the narrow channel between Florida and the Bahamas on the powerful north moving current called the Gulf Stream Like an arrow shot from a bow, the convoys surged north on the ever flowing river within a sea as far as the Outer Banks, where they could catch the prevailing westerly winds to carry them across the Atlantic to the Azores, where they could resupply, and from there to Spain.The handy Gulf Stream came at a price Untold numbers of Spanish sailors and passengers drowned in shipwrecks on the treacherous coast, and Native Americans captured hundreds of survivors St Augustine was as much a safe haven for castaways as a defense against European intruders The remote waters were also ideal for pirates eager to seize Spanish treasure, because the course and schedule of the fleets were predictable Both threats endangered the realms finances.The man overseeing this fast expanding empire, Philip II, came to the Spanish throne shortly before the French made their ill fated attempts to gain a foothold in the New World Philip ran not a country but a complicated union of Catholic kingdoms scattered on the Iberian and Italian peninsulas and in what is now the Netherlands, along with the vast colonial domain stretching from the Philippines to Florida He married a series of queens and princessesAustrian, French, English, and Portugueseto help hold it all together A formidable intelligence network and well organized bureaucracy kept this tall and brooding workaholic, who preferred to dress in simple black, apprised of the smallest disturbances in his far flung domain His greatest threat lay neither in the New World nor among his European neighbors Philip most feared the formidable sultan Murad III, who oversaw the sprawling Ottoman Empire from the splendid Topkapi Palace on the Golden Horn in Istanbul The Ottomans dominated the lands and seas between the Adriatic and the Persian Gulf.The two mammoth empires clashed in the Mediterranean Murad used the growing religious rift among Europeans in an attempt to contain Philips growing power He colluded with Englands Elizabeth, the unmarried apostate queen, adroitly suggesting that her nations new Protestant faith had in common with Islam than Catholicism, because both rejected the worship of idols The English gladly supplied ammunition, along with tin and lead, to the sultan as part of a 1579 commercial deal, scandalizing Catholic Europe Little wonder that Spains pious leader saw himself as the only force preventing a Muslim empire from reaching the Continents Atlantic shores.The Spanish monarchs luck changed dramatically in 1580 The sultan, embroiled in an expensive war with Persia and facing galloping inflation at home, agreed on a truce that would hold for than a century This allowed Philip to turn his attention to rebellious Protestants in the Netherlands Meanwhile, the Portuguese ruler vanished in a disastrous campaign in Morocco Philip seized the opportunity and claimed the throne of his smaller neighbor that had its own extensive territories from Brazil to India With this merger, he found himself at the helm of the largest and wealthiest empire in the history of the world, claiming nearly half of western Europe and all of the Americas as well as ample African and Asian territories This was the first empire, not that of the British, on which it was said the sun never set In the New World alone, than 150,000 Spanish lived in some two hundred bustling cities scattered across the Caribbean basin, Mexico, and Peru Another 200,000 or so African slaves cultivated their cash crops and did their menial tasks Millions of Native inhabitants surrounded these growing centers of Spanish power, paying taxes and rents benefiting the new European elite that replaced their indigenous rulers.A Top Five Southern Indie Booksellers Bestseller Andrew Lawler warnsthat Lost Colony fever is a kind of madness Happily, that doesnt stop him from plunging into the wild terrain of theories and conflicting evidence where so many others have disappeared Lawler manages to do this in a clear eyed way, conscious of whether he, too, is getting lost He makes a good case that the search itself goes to the heart of what it means to be American Plus, its just plain fascinating The themes of mingled races, of cultures clashing to create something new, are surprisingly fresh and powerful The Washington Post The Secret Token, spanning than 400 years, offers the most authoritative account of the Lost Colony to date Lawler recounts his arduous travels with clarity and insight Wall Street Journal Lawlers willingness to chase down every lead, no matter how outlandish, and his enthusiasm for the journey as much as the destination, make The Secret Tokena lively and engaging read The Economist The Secret Token is a very special kind of popular historydiving headfirst into the latest developments regarding the fate of the colonists and providing colorful, affectionate portraitsLawler sheds light on why the story of the Roanoke Colony remains so important today . SalonPart detective novel, part historical reckoning, Lawlers engrossing book traces the story ofand the obsessive search forthe lost colony of Roanoke l eading to a thoughtful and timely discourse about race and identity Lawler makes a strong case for why historical myths matter Publishers Weekly Lawler creates a vivid picture of the roiling, politically contentious, economically stressed Elizabethan world T he author doggedly traces down frauds and hoaxes, no matter how improbable In this enjoyable historical adventure, an unsolved mystery reveals violent political and economic rivalries and dire personal struggles Kirkus ReviewsThis detailed historical inquiry will powerfully intrigue early American history buffs BooklistLawler compels readers to examine the past in a different light Accessible and inquisitive Library JournalAndrew Lawler, an award winning journalist and author, sheds new light on the colony andequally fascinatingon the myths that have grown up around the mystery and their importance in the national story that Americans tell ourselves Greensboro News and Record After you finish Lawlers book, youll have some notion that you are now prepared to solve the single greatest mystery in American history The Free Lance Star Fredericksburg The Lost Colony of Roanoke is one of this country s most enduring mysteries Andrew Lawler turns Roanoke into one of our history s best stories, recounting not only the fascinating, little known history of the colony itself but that of the incredible swirl of historians, archaeologists, hoaxers, actors, priests, Native Americans, and experts on arcane subjects who have been caught up in the quest to find it A tale of cock eyed historical obsession, The Secret Token is also a serious look at America s confused ideas about itself.Charles Mann, New York Times bestselling author of The Wizard and the Prophet and 1491Riveting and carefully researched Lawler takes us inside one of the oldest and most intoxicating mysteries in American history Candice Millard, New York Times bestselling author of Hero of the Empire Plumbing the depths of the lost colony at Roanoke, the most enduring riddle of American history, reveals about who we are today than the actual fate of the doomed expedition of 1587 Andrew Lawler s exhaustively researched and amusing narrative asks the question, What is history He deftly shows that the drama of burrowing down rabbit holes and chasing false leads is not simply entertaining, but deeply informative about our past Rinker Buck, New York Times bestselling author of The Oregon Trail and Flight of Passage The Secret Token dives deep into the mysteries of the Lost Colony, chasing clues across ages, isles, oceans and archives and yielding a beguiling narrative of Americas first English colony This seminal tale of loss and longing helps explain who we are today Dean King, New York Times bestsellingauthor of Skeletons on the Zahara and The FeudA fascinating account of one of our country s great historical mysteries Fast paced and wonderfully written, with plenty of surprising turns along the way, The Secret Token is a delight Nathaniel Philbrick, New York Times bestselling author of Valiant Ambition The Secret Token old Andrew Lawler The In , men, women, and children arrived at Roanoke Island on the coast of North Carolina to establish first English colony in New World Myth, Obsession, Search for Lost Colony Lawler FREE shipping qualifying offers National Bestseller A sweeping account America s oldest unsolved mystery Kindle edition by Download it once read your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Review Jason Colavito When science writer began researching Token, due out June utilizing research supported Geographic Society, he ran into wall contempt dismissal that has led so many fringe writers down garden path conspiracy confusing title refers a line Gov John White about how colonists were Secret Masonic 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