ᙟ Purpose of text ጁ The Three Musketeers  ᚄ E-Pub Author Alexandre Dumas 쬏 ᙟ Purpose of text ጁ The Three Musketeers ᚄ E-Pub Author Alexandre Dumas 쬏 From Alexandre Dumas, a precise and candid description of his particular view of history I start by devising a story I try to make it romantic, moving, dramatic, and when scope has been found for the emotions and the imagination, I search through the annals of the past to find a frame in which to set it and it has never happened that history has failed to provide this frame, so exactly adjusted to the subject that it seemed it was not a case of the frame being made for the picture, but that the picture had been made to fit the frame.This is the point of view of the historical novelist, who approaches the past as theaterthe unending melodrama of saints and sinners, and who knows that history, eternally surprising, inspiring, disheartening, sometimes described as one damn thing after another, will never fail him It is all there And it is all there to be used.Dumas was in his early forties when he wrote The Three Musketeers, an age when novelists are believed to be entering their best creative years He is traditionally described as a man of vast republican sympathies, which, in contemporary terms, made him a believer in democracy, equality, and the rights of man He had fought in the streets of Paris during the July revolution of 1830 would man the barricades in 1848 would aid Garibaldi, with guns and journalism, in the struggle for Italian independence in 1860.Such politics came to him by inclination, and by birth His father, Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, had taken the name of his African slave mother, Marie Dumas, and spent the early years of his life on the island of Santo Domingo When the French Revolution made it possible for men without wealth or social connections to rise to power, the soldier Alexandre Dumas became General Alexandre Dumas, commanding the Army of the Alps in 1794, serving under Napoleon Bonaparte in Italy, and later in Egypt But his relationship with Bonaparte deteriorated his health was destroyed by two years in an Italian prison and he died, a broken man, in 1806 His son, in time the novelist Dumas, was then four years old, but he would be told of his fathers life, and he knew what it meant.By 1844, France was ruled by Louis Philippe, duc dOrleans, a constitutional monarch known as the bourgeois king, who presided over the golden age of the French bourgeoisie, a propertied class animated by the slogan Enrichissez vous Enrich yourselves This was a period of transition, when corrupt capitalism was opposed by passionate idealismthe age of monarchy was dying, the age of democracy was just being born The best insight into the period is to be found in the novels of Honor de BalzacDumass fierce literary rival Balzac was virtually the same age as Dumas, and, like Dumas, rose from social obscurity and penury by producing a huge volume of work at an extraordinary pace But Balzac wrote about contemporary lifethe vanity, corruption and sexual politics of Paris in the 1840sand was, throughout his fiction, essentially a novelist of vice Dumas, on the other hand, was a novelist of virtue, though he had to go back two hundred years to find it.Setting The Three Musketeers in the year 1625at that distance, a contemporary American novelist might use the revolution of 1776Dumas was summoning up a remote and heroic era Yes, it was all different back then Better Still, it may be worth remembering that Dumass musketeers are proud, courageous men, men without inherited money or the support of prominent family, who must fight their way through a world of political intrigue dominated by predatory, immoral people who scheme and connive, who will do virtually anything, to keep their wealth and position So, if it is about anything, The Three Musketeers is about betrayal, fidelity, and, like almost all genre fiction, it is about honor Honor lost, honor gained, honor maintained at the cost of life itself By 1894, the sale of Dumass works totaled three million books and eight million serials.The Three Musketeers, the first book of the dArtagnan trilogy, with Twenty Years After and The Vicomte de Bragelonne to follow, appeared in installments in the journal Le Sicle from March to July in 1844 It was written with help of a collaborator, Auguste Maquet, who also participated in the writing of The Count of Monte Cristo Maquet would later claim significant authorship, and haul Dumas into court.Dumas was accused, as well, of plagiarism, having used The Memoirs of Monsieur dArtagnan, by one Courtilz de Sandras, published in Cologne in 1701, as source material There he found not only dArtagnan but Athos, Porthos, and Aramis Trville and his musketeers Milady and her maid and the Cardinalist Guards From the annals of French history, he took the machinations, real or reputed, involving Louis XIII, Anne of Austria, Cardinal Richelieu, and the duke of Buckingham Then he threw out whatever reality he found inconvenient and wrote what he liked.In the real world of Europe in 1625, the continent was being torn apart by the Thirty Years Wara rather pallid name that obscures the cruel and brutal nature of its reality Fighting on behalf of royal houses in conflict over religious issues and rights of succession, mercenary armies were paid by the right of pillage and ravaged the countryside, a strategy described as war supports the war In France, French Catholics suppressed a French Protestant minority, the Huguenots, who were supported by English Protestant money and arms Serving as virtual regent for a weak king Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu was perhaps the greatest political figure of his time Famously eloquent, determined and brilliant, Richelieu was a deeply ambitious man, but a devoted and faithful servant of king and country.A popular novelist, however, must produce an archvillain, and Dumas gave the job to Richelieu As the servant of Dumass fictional requirements, Richelieu is merely political on the surface, as he undertakes a series of intrigues in a struggle for power with the king or with his English Protestant enemy, Buckingham In The Three Musketeers, Richelieu is discovered to have deeper motives, a lust for revenge inspired by a romantic slighta spurned advanceand, in general, by sexual jealousy The cardinal, according to Dumas, was in love with the queen, Anne of Austria The reader of 1844, hurrying off to buy this weeks chapter in Le Sicle, likely suspected as much.Serialized fiction read as a novel can, at times, be a slightly bumpy ride The twists and turns of the story are intended not only to keep the reader reading, but to keep the reader buying Thus the plot tends toward precipitous dives and breathtaking ascents, as peril and escape follow each other at narrow intervals, characters disappear and are brought back to life, and what seemed like the central crisis of the narrative is suddenly resolved, to be replaced by a second crisis.The perfidious Cardinal Richelieu is a good example of this principle at work Hes a useful minence grise at the beginning of the novel, as Cardinalist guards fight the kings faithful musketeers But, when its time for the story to end, hes too historical a figure to be vanquished with all the force that the conclusion of a romantic adventure demands Thus the role of villain is shifted to Milady the story can then take its chilling and violent turn and justice, when it is at last achieved, can be, to say the least, severe.Since writers of serials wrote for a weekly deadline, there was no such thing as regret or revision, and the reader may see rather of the novels scaffolding than the author would like Dumas, characteristically, solved this problem with talent, and produced the best writing in The Three Musketeers in the latter third of the novel, for example the combination of battle and picnic at the Bastion Saint Gervais, during the attack on the Protestant stronghold at La Rochelle This is easily one of the most insouciant scenes in all of literature, as the musketeers, intent on winning a tavern bet, occupy the bastion sip wine discuss matters of love and strategy push a wall over on a raiding party use the dead as mock defenders and, finally, after four hundred pages of action and intrigue, actually fire muskets This is but one pleasure among many There is, throughout The Three Musketeers, a vast and magnanimous intelligence at work The critic Jules Michelet described Alexandre Dumas as an inextinguishable volcano, and one of the forces of nature He was certainly that Born to write, and born to write about mythic times and mythic deeds, Dumas loved his characters and the elaborate story he fashioned for them This is a telling trait in a novelist, the reader instinctively feels it, so gives himself to the story, lives in the time and place of its setting, and escapes, as surely as dArtagnan ever escaped, from the drone of daily existence Thats the job of romantic fiction and its done in The Three Musketeers on virtually every page All for one, and one for all And all for us.I do not say there is no character as well drawn in Shakespeare as D Artagnan I do say there is none that I love so wholly.Robert Louis Stevenson The Three Musketeers IMDb The hot headed young D Artagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their luck must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent her villainous employer from seizing the French throne engulfing Europe in war Wikipedia Mouseketeers was title of two separate series produced by DC Comics first loose parody In , American author Tiffany Thayer published book titled Thayer, best disbanded Athos, Porthos, Aramis join hotheaded would be Musketeer, Artagnan, to stop Cardinal Richelieu s evil plot form an alliance enemy England way mysterious Milady film is romantic action adventure directed Paul W S Anderson starring Matthew Macfadyen, Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson, Milla Jovovich, Luke Evans, Mads Mikkelsen, Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz It based Alexandre Dumas novel same clock punk elements Rotten Tomatoes Richard Lester adaptation only latest many when released it arrived spirit all its own, one influenced as much work Wordsworth Classics Introduction Notes Keith Wren, University Kent at Canterbury A historical romance, tells story early adventures Gascon gentleman, his friends regiment King Porthos GreenStage have appeared stage, big screen, television even cartoons video board games We think they ll play especially well outdoors parks this summer En garde Meet scribes Cast Dumas, Paperback objective entertain solid adventure, final page I expected riveting plot, however, also hoped for demonstration themes worthy master such But that presents problems Lerman joins forces rogue MacFadyen, Evans Stevenson reboot Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie later known born Villers Cotterts department Aisne, Picardy, FranceHe had older sisters, Marie Alexandrine Louise died Playwright, Author Biography celebrated novels, including Count Monte Cristo pere Biography, Books, Facts pre pere, most prolific popular authors th century He gained great reputation dramatist then novelist, works Cristo This note regards pre, father fils sonFor son, see father, akin Senior English Paris, France, illegitimate child Laure Catherine Labay dressmaker, novelist DumasIn legally recognized him ensured received education Books Biography List Works Thomas married Elisabeth Labouret July Cotterets, near she gave birth who become France commercially successful TOP QUOTES BY ALEXANDRE DUMAS Z Quotes Life storm, my friend You will bask sunlight moment, shattered rocks next What makes you man what do storm comes dumas Instagram photos videos Followers, Following, Posts See videos life, family, name, old Soissons, son Creole general Revolutionary armies His grandfather noble grandmother been Dominican slave he four years old, leaving family very Pere Encyclopedia plays, romances, wrote generally called preto distinguish illustrious alexandre Books du m dju al ks d dyma davi paj t i December writer eBooks, Audiobooks, famous novels One widely read famed fiction high than hundred plays trilogy, Cristo, Man Iron Mask Article about Free Memoirs, Being Extracts First Five Volumes London H Allen Co condensed edition under Road eliminated references Vampyre Book Series Order fiction, romance genres Books Christianbook height Alexander writings, set against backdrop Napoleonic era When Edmond Dantes betrayed throwing into Celebrated Crimes Volume Cenci Dec translated nearly Britannica original name Pailleterie, March Saint Domingue Haiti February Cotterts, during wars Borgias paternal grandparents were Cessete Haitian Marquis Antoine disapproved Alexandre, joining army so Nutcracker Nuremberg Dumas vintage contains children tale, Based classic Christmas E T Hoffmann, magical Stahlbaum favourite toy, Nutcracker, battles nefarious Mouse battle takes reader wonderful land dolls Goodreads has books Goodreads ratings Facts contemporary, Victor Hugo, FranceHis colored brigadier Napoleon after death suffered severe poverty False Caster TYPE MOON Wiki FANDOM powered Wikia Profile Edit Identity True Name Arekusandoru Dyuma both which features fictional character Dants, ALEXANDRE AudioEnglish noun sense remembered swashbuckling tales Familiarity information used rare Wikiquote writer, numerous made world Authors Literature Glossary Ultius Originally became Search Texts playwright, historian, today serialised magazine Le Sicle With Edmund Dantes, self styled told consummate skill Top digbooks still continues date encompassed several settings Revolution aftermath The Three Musketeers

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