☌ Paperback @Hacking: Computer Hacking Beginners Guide How to Hack Wireless Network, Basic Security and Penetration Testing, Kali Linux, Your First Hack ☠ PDF Author Alan T Norman ♞ ☌ Paperback @Hacking: Computer Hacking Beginners Guide How to Hack Wireless Network, Basic Security and Penetration Testing, Kali Linux, Your First Hack ☠ PDF Author Alan T Norman ♞ An excellent book to discover a bigger world of hackingThe premise of Hacking Computer Hacking for Beginners Guide by Alan T Norman is to teach you about terms and language surrounding hacking in general In specific Alan takes on the daunting task of trying to espouse ethics and morals surrounding hacking, including Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat hacking and what the differences are He also takes on the task of teaching you C at a very introductory but functional level so that you actually learn how to program and debug your own key logger.For a small book with lofty goals, he accomplishes these tasks surprisingly well It is clear through reading the book that Alan is a teacher, and he does a good job at training you about your subject and then accomplishing your task I was actually surprised by how much I learned The context of this statement is that I am a cyber security professional and a training professional as well.This is a really excellent book I was surprised at how clearly Alan elucidates what hacker really means, and goes to great pains to explain Black Hats, Grey Hats, and White Hats Alan tells you in words and figures that there are no short cuts it is all about learning and experience He takes a far ethical bent than I would have expected This is a great beginner book for anyone who is curious, wants to know , and wants to defend themselves This is even a good book if you have less than ethical motives, and just need to know what words mean and how to get started in hacking.While it is clear to me that Alan is not a native US English speaker from some of the expressions and mannerisms in his language, he is still quite clear in expressing himself, and other than a few linguistic idioms there is no confusion as to what he is explaining to you, the reader, and what he wants you to do Typographical and grammatical errors are few and far between, so it has been well edited.Now, I read the book on a combination of Samsung S 7 smart phone, Kindle, and computer screen What I can tell you for sure is that the diagrams in the book, the code examples, are going to be too small to see well on a small screen You can magnify them quite a bit and they are viewable, but if you really want to get everything you need out of this book, you should be on a full size screen e.g 11 inches or bigger Since theoretically you should be doing everything on a computer anyway, not a tablet, that should not present a problem as you can simply read the book in a Kindle reading app but it is a factor if you are a commuting reader or a work reader like I am.This book is like putting on a diving mask for the first time, and catching that exciting glimpse of a whole WORLD under the sea where before you just saw a mass of water Hopefully the folks starting out and growing up will utilize this and other books to realize that there is a bigger world out there, and that it is navigable, but like anything else what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.You are not going to be able to pull off the next big department store cyber crime after reading this book But you are going to know a lot about the exact tools and steps you will need for either ethical or non ethical hacking The book does not make a moral choice for you, that is of course up to you But it does go a long and succinct way to start you on a much longer journey And if by chance you happen to casually meander in to the dark underbelly of the digital universe, at least this book is a signpost to guide you.I applaud Alan for his work in getting you started on the road to discovering a bigger world.Highly recommended as an introductory book for hacking Dr Geoff, Technical Trainer, a computer technician and a watchmakerVery useful and a must read.I really like technology but felt as though I am not literate when it came to some of the technology and how things are done This was easy to understand and follow and really explains in detail so much of what I was needing to understand of what is being said and terms used to explain this This is a good book for anyone who really is not aware of all the forms of hacking and also gives you a great way to protect yourself from being hacked This really has a great deal of useful information that is easy to understand and is even for someone like myself who is learning what things mean Rebecca Wilson, TOP 50 REVIEWERI recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn to hackI have always been interested in hacking and I had some prior knowledge until this book But my previous book didnt have so much information which the beginner can understand easy I like how the book goes into hacking and easy to follow steps for a beginner I would recommend this book to anyone interested in hacking beginners or masters Full of awesome useful information I learned a lot I recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn to hack Angelina SGreat book for beginners on HackingI was just browsing around one day and came across this book on Hacking This book is amazing for beginners like me This book assumes you are new to the world of hacking, so it starts with very basics of Hacking, jargon used in the realm of hacking and also types of hackers It also covers some advance concepts like SQL injection, toolkit used by Hackers, WiFi encryption protocol as well I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the practice exercises gives you some hands on which is the best part about the book Highly recommend to readers who want to learn about Hacking Deepika Hacking Computer Hacking, Security Testing,Penetration Hacking Testing, Penetration and Basic Secur Gary Hall, Erin Watson on FREE shipping qualifying offers Are you interested in learning about how to hack systems Do want learn protect yourself from being hacked wish the art of ethical hacking know secrets techniques that genius hackers use into computer a beginners guide Hitesh Academia is platform for academics share research papers Easy Tricks Cyberdefense Hub What s going everyone In this tutorial we will be showing pretty cool tricks Now I just write disclaimer before start Security hacker Wikipedia A black hat who violates security little reason beyond maliciousness or personal gain Moore, The term was coined by Richard Stallman, contrast criminal versus spirit playfulness exploration culture, ethos white performs duties identify places repair Computer Forensics Free Online Training Course course trains forensics professional You knowledge needed investigate cyber activity successfully pass Investigator certification exam HACKERS HOME PAGE hacking, phone phreaking, red Huge line catalog 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